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Who was your favourite Primeval: New World character?

Evan Cross
Evan Cross 0%
Dylan Weir
Dylan Weir 0%
Mac Rendell
Mac Rendell 0%
Toby Nance
Toby Nance 66%
Angelika Finch
Angelika Finch 33%
Lt. Ken Leeds
Lt. Ken Leeds 0%
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There's been a bit of spam, sorry if you got a notification, they were false reviews - sorry folks!!
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11/21/14 05:02 pm
Ooh, new poll.
11/13/14 04:05 pm
Thought it was time for a new poll. :)
10/28/14 01:15 pm
Hey Anna! Primeval is lots of fun. Thanks to Purpleyin we have this great archive x
10/28/14 08:21 am
I just love the primeval, it is super fun and all my tumblr friends love it, it is really good, and I lo ve d all of serioes from one to five. Ity is reallt good, thanks you, I hope you sre the fans a
07/25/14 01:08 pm
Some spam reviews going around, I'm deleting them now...
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If anyone is having issues with the site saying not authorized once logged in we are looking into it. Luckily there is a work around, which is to check the 'remember me' box when logging in.
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*random wave to people* New poll up.
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Posted by: Purpleyin on 21 Nov 2013 13:53:44(4 Comments)
UK PNW airing + free iOS apps

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had a lovely holidays if you celebrated such recently.

A reminder that Primeval: New World started airing in the UK earlier this week at 9pm on Tuesday, on the channel Watch (Sky 109/Virgin Media 124). Luckily if you missed it there's a repeat at 9pm GMT tomorrow, Friday 11th January.

For anyone submitting fics for the new show please do let us know, either commenting here or via the contact us page linked on the above menu, if we've missed out any characters or other classifications for it. Likewise, if you are new to the ARChive and have any questions about how to use it then don't hesitate to ask. :)

And for those who don't have the fortune to be able to see the new show yet, we've had some links pointed out to us for two nifty free Primeval iOS apps that you might be able to enjoy instead. There's a Primeval: New World mobile game and also a cool looking Primeval dFX app to add dinosaurs to your own movies, which could be handy for any Primeval vidders out there.

Posted by: Purpleyin on 10 Jan 2013 07:06:29(11 Comments)
Primeval: New World is here!

Hello everyone, and welcome to anyone who has come looking for the first time! Tonight sees the first episode of Primeval: New World, the Canadian spin-off, airing on Space in Canada. I'm sure we will find ouselves with another great dinosaur show from Impossible Pictures on our hands.

I have added the six main characters from PNW to the character lists, and some potential pairings to the pairings list, but if you find you need some more, just contact us (menu button above).

For spoilers, we'll add the episodes in the format - Episode 1x01 PNW - so you can find them easily in the spoiler list.

Those of us in the UK are looking forward to seeing it on Watch in 2013. Until then, perhaps we can enjoy some new fanfic uploaded by the lovely members here! If you're not a member, sign up today and get writing!

Posted by: fififolle on 29 Oct 2012 12:46:17(16 Comments)